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Pressure Gauges Crucial to Airplane Operation

Globalization is making airplanes more and more important as a means of transportation for people, goods and ideas. Without pressure gauges, operating an airplane would be impossible. If one were to take a peak into an faviconairplane’s cockpit they would find pressure gauge city. There are more gauges than I could ever conceive of. I would never be able to keep track of all the gauges pilots need to fly a plane.

To indicate airspeed the airspeed indicator pressure readings are expressed in units of speed rather than pressure. This is derived from the difference between stagnation pressure and static pressure from the pitot tube. There are varies temperature gauges that measure the temperature of cylinder heads, exhaust gas after combustion, supply of lubricants and the engine oil.

A tachometer indicates engine speed in revolutions per minute and another pressure speed measures the atmospheric pressure outside to determine the elevation of the airplane. Pressure gauge manufacturers must love all the business that comes about when a new plane is built.

I rather enjoy flying on a plane. I’ve taken the eleven hour death flight to China and Taiwan. Whoever manufactures planes did a good job making me comfortable and content with being stuck in the same seat for what feels like an eternity. Each seat gets their own T.V. screen and controller to watch new movies, listen to music and even play in-flight games against your fellow passengers. Somehow there is always one passenger who dominates the trivia.

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