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Since 1991, Nanotec has constantly been developing new and innovative solutions, and gaining world leader status as a result. For over 25 years, Nanotec’s technology has benefitted a wide range of products. These products include automation systems, medical devices, and automated lab equipment. Headquartered in Germany, we have subsidiaries in the USA and China, as well as sales partners located worldwide.

We have experience developing products such as brushless DC motors, lead screws, threaded nuts, stepper motors, gearboxes, encoders, linear actuators, and many other custom solutions. Our motors have high efficiency and high power density, run quietly, and have a long service life. Our additional services include shaft machining and cable assembly. If you are in need of a high precision, drive system with extensive functionality but space is limited, we have the technology and the resources to come up with a solution for which you do not have to sacrifice one for the other.

In 1996, Nanotec introduced the first Plug & Drive motor with an integrated controller, which proved to be a developmental milestone in the growth of our company. And we haven’t stopped there. We continue to direct our attention to constant research and development so that the solutions we provide to our clients are nothing short of the best. Our motors have the performance capabilities that meet the latest technology standards and are built to last, no matter what your industry or application. To learn more about our capabilities and how they can benefit your application, visit our website or call today! An assortment of brochures provide further details about what we can do for you. For any further questions, send us a call or email and a Nanotec representative will be more than happy to assist you.