Stainless Steel Tanks on the Dairy Farm

Because stainless steel tanks do not rust and have a long shelf life, stainless steel tanks are used for a variety of uses in nearly every industry in the world. The food and beverage production industry relies heavily on stainless steel tanks to store and transport foods. No beverage industry needs the cleanliness of stainless steel more than the dairy industry. The dairy industry depends on stainless steel tanks throughout every step of the dairy-making process.

The dairy industry uses stainless steel tanks for the following tasks:

Heating: The pasteurization process is an important part of the dairy industry. Dairy farmers place the milk into large stainless steel tanks that heat the milk to the appropriate temperature without overheating the milk. Stainless steel keeps the milk from acquiring a strange taste, and is also easy to clean between each batch of milk. Stainless steel resists mold, rust, and milk enzymes that try to stick to the sides of the container.

Cooling: The cooling process is extremely important to the dairy industry. If milk becomes too warm, it sours and is wasted. Stainless steel cooling tanks help cool the milk quickly and help it retain the right temperature until packaging. During milk production, the milk is heated and cooled several times, and stainless tanks are the ideal container for chilling milk quickly.

Fermenting: Dairy production is not just about milk. Milk is converted into sour cream, cheese, and whey as well. Many of these milk products take time to ferment and transform into their new formats. Stainless steel tanks are used during the fermenting process to cook, cool, and transform the milk into the desired product.

Storage: Milk is often stored for several days or weeks at a time. When this happens, it is necessary to have a tank that can keep the milk safe and healthy until sale time. Stainless steel tanks help keep milk free from bacteria by providing a surface that is difficult for bacteria, mold, and other contaminants to grow on.