Replacing Chair Foam at Home

Foam Rubber

Foam rubbers have a variety of uses, but one of the main uses of the rubber foam is in chair cushioning. Over time, the air will escape from the foam, leaving the cushion flat and useless. Some foam rubbers will also break down due to excessive exposure to the sun, necessitating its replacement. If you have a chair that needs new foam, use the following steps to replace the foam and make your chair useful once more:

Turn the chair onto its back and remove the seat from the chair. Usually screws hold the chair in place, but sometimes the seat is held in place by staples, glue, or string.

Once the seat is removed, inspect the attachment of the fabric. The fabric is often stuck to the seat with staples, but it can also be glued or nailed into place. Remove the fabric from the seat, exposing the cushion foam underneath.

Remove the cushion foam. Place the old foam over a new piece of foam the same thickness as the original foam. Trace the design of the old foam onto the new foam and cut it out with scissors or a sharp knife.

Place the foam onto the chair seat and staple or glue into place. Wrap the fabric over the foam, or cut a new piece of fabric if you do not like the original fabric. Glue or staple the fabric in place and reattach the chair seat to the chair.

If the chair has a padded back, replace the foam on the back of the chair using the same method. If you want the repair to look a little more elegant, try covering the bottom of the chair seat with a thin piece of batting or fabric to hide the edges of the fabric or the staples.