Pool Floors and Pool Grating

Floor Gratings

Throughout my entire high school career I was a swimmer, and as a swimmer I spent what seems like most of my teenage life in the pool. We were trained to know each one we would visit incredibly well. Not just how it looked and was set up, but how deep it faviconwas, how it drained, how the gutters were set up, the water temperature… for all of these types of characteristics could affect your times and as a result the entire meet. And my coach was there to win, so she made sure everything was engrained in us.

Pools are surrounded by grates. Not only are there the grates in the middle of the tiled pool deck, but there are grates surrounding the entire length of the pool to absorb the water that would run off as more people get in. The floor grating can very from pool to pool, and according to my coach could affect times. In many pools the tiled floor would be slightly higher than the surface of the water. There would still be drains, but it was difficult for the water to get onto the deck. In some pools we would travel to however, the water level and the pool deck would be the same level. These were said to be the faster pool. The floor gratings would travel around the entire pool and upon entry the water would rush at the deck but be almost completely absorbed. Any water that would be able to get by would hit the tile and slowly travel to one of the drains located further back.

Floor gratings can be found in numerous other situations in addition to pools. They can be found in countless large factory and warehouse environments such as heating, power, refrigeration, metal, mining, chemical and food processing.