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FlexLink has been a leading global provider of conveyor components and automated product flow solutions since 1980. We have years of experience providing high-end solutions to industries such as food, beverages, personal care, healthcare, automotive and electronics. Our solutions are known globally for reducing non-value adding operations, reduce waste and energy consumption.

Our standard conveyers are based on an aluminum conveyor beam which has low friction slide rails. The aluminum provides for an easy to assemble, strong but lightweight conveyor system. This entire system is easily adaptable if production requirements were to change. We also create stainless steel conveyor systems with low friction slide rails as well. Each of these systems has a range of modular components that are easy to assemble and install, also allowing for quick modifications. These systems are great for the food processing, pharmaceutical and hygiene industries because they can run without lubrication systems at high speeds. In addition to our conveyor systems, we also provide a large variety of aluminum profiles and accessories like connectors, fasteners, feet used to build machine supports and safety enclosures. FlexLink also has turn-key robot solutions for most material handling applications in the fast moving consumer goods, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. These solutions cover the entire production process from beginning of line to end of line. FlexLink is here to design an automated production flow solution to enhance efficiency at your factory. We offer different support and maintenance services that we can tailor to your organizations requirements. Our goal is to make sure your equipment meets your expectations; we can assist in checking your systems to make sure they are up-to-date and efficient. We also a comprehensive service package for the entire service life of the product. Give us a call today or visit our website.