Seeing Clearly With Fiberglass

Fiberglass Panels

The benefits of skylights are numerous. They provide extra natural light into the room through the ceiling, which makes for bright and welcoming homes and offices. They create the illusion of having more space in a home, and they take advantage of the natural sunlight and bring an element of the outdoors inside.  They can be used in extreme situations, such as a dome like structure in observatories or churches, faviconand also in a more subdued manner such as a skylight in the kitchen or bathroom of your house.

The benefit of using fiberglass panels for skylights is that the fiberglass material protects the interior of the building from ultra violet rays. The fact that fiberglass panels come in a variety of shapes and sizes also means that it is easy to customize and find a style, shape and size that works for each unique need. For those looking for a more unique look, fiberglass panels can also be tinted a certain shade or color, which can completely transform how a room looks and feels. Fiberglass panels are also translucent, which allows for light to pass through into the space but keeps the heat and damaging elements of nature out.

As with most things, fiberglass panels become less effective as they become older.  A fiberglass panel transmits less light as it ages, which means it saves less energy and doesn’t look as fresh and new. It is important to replace the fiberglass panels periodically so that the skylight remains energy efficient and serves its purpose effectively. Skylights can be a good design and environmental choice for any home or building, and provide benefits that aren’t just limited to the architectural aspects.