Using Fiberglass in Tubs

Fiberglass Fabrication

When I think of corrugated fiberglass, I typically think of old-fashioned patio roofs where the wavy fiberglass is used to protect the patio from the sun and rain. This type of fiberglass is not the most attractive ever, but it gets the job done inexpensively. However, temporary roofing is not the only use for corrugated fiberglass. There are actually a surprising number of uses for the fiberglass.

One new use for the fiberglass is in the construction of premium-grade tubs for commercial and residential use. These tubs have a unique design that consists of four layers. The different layers help the bathtubs last longer and provide more durability than old fiberglass tube designs.

The four-part design contains the following layers:

The surface layer: This layer is the top layer that is visible from the outside of the tub. It is made from a glossy gel topcoat that is durable and scratch-resistant.

The second layer: This layer contains resin mixed with fiberglass fibers in a tight weave that gives the tub walls rigidity and structure. The mixture contains more glass particles than many tub designs, which is one advantage to the new construction method.

The third layer: The third layer has corrugated fibers wrapped around the tub and shower walls. Although the tub looks smooth from the top, the corrugated texture helps the tub bond with the surrounding surfaces in the bathroom and strengthens the tub core.

The fourth layer: The fourth layer is another coat of resin and glass fibers placed over the corrugated part of the tub. This covers the core in two layers of lamination. This helps make the tub even stronger.