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Fiberdome, Inc. is an industry leader in fiberglass design, fabrication, and manufacturing. Our trusted company is located in Lake Mills, Wisconsin and has over 40 years of experience in the industry. We pride ourselves on providing high quality products and services for many applications in a wide range of industries. Our company is known for our advanced fabrication facilities and leading industry expertise. Our products are designed and built to last and backed by Fiberdome’s Guarantee of Satisfaction. Customer’s fiberglass productions, mold design, and engineering requirements are exceeded by our excellent customer service and high quality products.

Our company believes that the most efficient process occurs if all of our staff collaborates from start to finish, offering the client the best solutions and products. Fiberdome, Inc. has various divisions including custom and industrial manufacturing, fiberglass tanks and silos, conveyor covers, industrial domes, tuffy boats, and duck boats. We also offer services including engineering, assembly, logistics, contract manufacturing, packaging, painting, quality control, tooling, CNC, and robotics. Our company offers total management of the assembly process to better serve their customer’s needs. With our many years of experience, we are able to streamline our processes to meet the unique needs of our customers.Our company implements an ISO compliant process to ensure quality control throughout our entire manufacturing process. Our engineers work with customers from concept to prototyping, to development, tooling and finally production. Along the way, our engineers try their best to optimize efficiencies and implement the most cost effective solutions while still exceeding customer expectations. As the markets and industries change, we use innovative solutions to have a leading edge against our competitors. Call Fiberdome, Inc. today or visit our website!