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The Construction of Office Furniture

Rarely is the more expensive, and often more attractive, wooden furniture used in the average office space. Instead, cheap but effective is the goal, which can sometimes be just as attractive as its more expensive wooden counterpart. Furniture made from extruded metal is most common, because the metal extrusion process is less expensive than other metal fabrication processes and faviconthe products crafted with it can therefore be sold for a lower price. Extruded metal also has a number of other positive characteristics, specifics of which depend on the type of metal being extruded.

For example, extruded aluminum is a very popular metal at the moment, for a variety of reasons. Aluminum extrusion, which can be practiced with heat or done cold, creates complex parts that have a finished look without any secondary processes and can then be fixed together into office furniture such as desks, chairs and filing cabinets. Because aluminum is a lightweight material with an excellent weight to strength ratio, it is an ideal material for furniture. Most offices need to be flexible with their arrangements, since new projects may require new hires, which may require rearranging furniture to fit everyone in. Desks, chairs and shelves made from extruded aluminum will be easy to maneuver without risk of damage. Aluminum is also 100% recyclable, and being earth friendly is always a positive for any office environment.

Other metal extrusion materials are also used to craft office furniture, and most can also be built fairly light weight since extrusion usually crafts metallic objects from thin sheets of metal. Plastic is also often extruded for the production of products including office furniture, although plastics are not usually as sturdy, long lasting and resistant to abrasion and corrosion as most extruded metal is. Regardless of the specific material, metal extrusion is the best way to have your office furniture made.