Protect Your Products

When it comes to protecting electronic parts from electrostatic discharge(ESD) during the manufacturing process, you can never be too careful. The testing of these parts is crucial as ESD damage is not visible, but certain kinds of damage can be missed even during testing. There are three kinds of damage that canfavicon occur from ESD. Catastrophic failure is almost always discovered during testing as there is usually immediate, permanent damage such as a metal melt or an oxide failure. Luckily, these are caught and can be reworked or scrapped before reaching a customer. Parts with latent defects and upset failures, on the other hand, could pass during testing but could have a shorter working life and/or issues with software and data storage.

All three kinds of ESD damage are costly, whether in terms of rework or the effects they have on your company’s reputation if damaged products reach customers. This is why using static eliminators such as ESD smocks, grounding straps, and static control bars is so important. As I said, you can never be too careful when it comes to this kind of protection and using these products in conjunction with one another for the best coverage is advised. These various products work in different ways and are used at different stages of the manufacturing process in order to ensure the highest quality of your outgoing products.

Consult a supplier of static eliminating products in order to find the most appropriate ESD devices for your specific applications. The experts that produce and distribute these materials can also answer any questions you may have about how to get the best results from devices like static control bars. This is an aspect of production that is extremely costly to neglect and much consideration and planning should occur while implementing static eliminators into your processes.