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Testing, Testing, Testing

The world has become a much smaller place thanks to technology. Whether this is a good or bad thing depends on the individual that is asked, but what it does mean is times have changed. It is fairly easy to receive products from halfway around the world, simply by placing an order online. In fact, many of the products we receive are from far off places faviconsuch as China. And because items are often coming from places vastly different than what we live in, environmental test chambers have become increasingly important.

Products often behave differently depending on the elements that they are exposed to. For example, some items will be designed for average temperatures, but cannot perform in situations in which they are exposed to extreme heat or extreme cold. Other factors that could affect product performance are humidity, pressure, altitude, salt spray and more. The problem is it is difficult to design a product that might be used on the North Pole when in Florida. The temperatures and humidity levels are not the same in the two locations, but it might not be possible for the company to design the product in the North Pole. In these cases, a test chamber can come in handy.

Test chambers are used to recreate environmental conditions in a contained space. This is able to provide those conducting the testing with the opportunity to evaluate the long term effects of specific changes that could occur on the products. While it is possible to make these products yourself, and as I mentioned in the last article it is even possible to create small homemade models with basic tools that can be fairly easy to find, in most cases something slightly more reliable is desired. There are numerous companies available that can help to pinpoint the perfect product for your applications, making testing and discovering all potential issues on products much easier.