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Focusing On Font

Name plates for desks represent a large part of who you are at a company. They give your name, company title and various other pieces of personal information. When designing a name plate, there are a number of different variables to consider. You must decide the size of the name plate, the shape, the color, and, perhaps most importantly, the font of the writing that is to appear on the nameplate.

Of course you need to focus on the legibility or readability of the font, faviconbut you must also be concerned with the perceived personality of the different font styles. What font style you choose can have a huge effect on what kind of impression the nameplate gives off. Choose too casually and you could risk looking less professional than you want to appear, yet if you choose to formally you might come off stiff and unapproachable in the office. Finding the appropriate font for your need is an important task, and one that should not be overlooked.

The benefit to having a large variety of fonts to choose from is that there is a wide range of meanings that you can convey through the use of fonts. Meanings can range from formal to whimsy and carefree. For example, you would not choose the same font for your nameplate on your desk as you would for a children’s birthday party invitation. One would need to be significantly more “business professional” than the other. In order to achieve the desired meaning of the font you choose for your printed projects consider balancing script or decorative fonts with serif or sans serif type. By combining different font types, the printed piece will be more clearly legible and deliver a greater impact to the reader. Choosing the right font is very important for each project you tackle.

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