EMA Sets EMP Certification Exam in Tampa

The Energy Management Association will conduct a certification exam for its Energy Management Professional Certification (EMP) in Tampa, FL on August 17, 2017.

The EMP exam has been modified to align with the scheme contained in the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings® Workforce Guidelines. EMA is in the process of applying for recognition in the program for its EMP Certification, which is expected within a year. EMA’s affiliated organization, the AABC Commissioning Group, attained this designation earlier this year for its Certified Commissioning Authority (CxA) Certification.

For information on EMP eligibility, registration and the EMP Candidate Handbook visit the EMP Certification Page, email info@EnergyMgmt.org, or call 202 737-1334.

The event is timed to coincide with the Energy Exchange, an educational and networking forum for those seeking to expand their knowledge of building operations, energy security and management in the federal sector. The Energy Exchange is sponsored by DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program and takes place Aug. 15-17 at the Tampa Convention Center.

EMA is producing an all-new EMP Study Guide for the Aug. 17 event which will be released July 15, in ample time for registrants to prepare for the EMP exam. The exam will be administered at the Marriott Tampa Waterside, 700 S Florida Ave, Tampa, FL 33602 (reservation info).

EMA’s Energy Management Professional Certification (EMP) Program was developed to respond to the need for a commissioning-based energy management protocol that could be deployed in retro-commissioning and energy retrofit projects. EMPs create added value by addressing building energy efficiency and operations comprehensively, whereas most traditional approaches rely on limited solutions that do not address overall building performance.

EMA is dedicated to advancing the quality of energy management services for the benefit of the building owner. EMA provides comprehensive training and education for energy management professionals, building owners, and other industry professionals.