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A Man Named Fred

Do you know how electrostatic precipitators came into being? Are you aware that the precipitator’s existence precipitated the existence of many other inventions as well? That’s because Frederick Cottrell, from the late 80’s to the early 90’s, was devoted to man and to science.

Frederick was dedicated to his education, going so far as to pick up where he left off when times became hard. Once he had finished school and gained his Ph.D., Dr. Cottrell began work as a professor at the University of California. In addition, he began work on the precipitator for which he would become known. This device would clean polluted air of useful particles and scatter the rest.

Maybe it was his time spent teaching high school students in those early days, or maybe he was a philanthropist at heart. Whatever the reason, Frederick wasn’t content to call himself a doctor or an inventor. He went beyond gaining his Ph.D. and inventing the electrostatic precipitator to founding an institute which would make grants available to worthwhile scientific projects.

Frederick Cottrell’s contributions to humanity clearly show his character. His interest in bettering the health and lives of those surrounding him through the creation of the precipitator to control air pollution, and the concern he showed for other struggling scientists with ideas but no funding, are both points of character that should be rewarded. Although his name might not have reached the heights of fame, his invention and institute both still have an effect on the world around them today.