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Features To Look For

When it comes to maintaining safety in the industrial setting, having adequate leak detection is a key factor. Gas leaks in this environment can go from dangerous to deadly in a matter of seconds and early detection is the best way to prevent gas related disasters. Having adequate leak detection equipment isfavicon crucial in this regard, and there are a variety of suppliers and devices to choose from. It is important to do your research and find what equipment will work best for your particular uses.

Most electronic leak detectors have similar features, but may vary in sensitivity and some have more features than others. The following outlines the main features you should look for in a leak detector as well as some extra features that might be of particular use to your applications.

First, there are some features that are a must when it comes to leak detection. Your leak detector should be able to detect all refrigerants: CFC’S, HCFC’s, HFC’S. Sensitivities tend to be at either level three or six, which means either five or fifteen levels of detection. Some detect leaks as small as 1/2 ounce per year and some as small as 1/10 ounce per year. All detectors should have visual leak level indicators and some include audio indicators as well. UV light is another extra feature you might be interested.

These are just a few of the standards and features to look into when purchasing leak detection equipment, but there are many more to consider depending on what you are looking to spend and your particular needs. Of course, as safety is concerned here, this is an area where corners should not be cut. Purchasing new equipment is with the most up to date specifications is advised.

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