IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc.

by Breana Cronk, IQS Editor

Lambda Electronics was established in 1948 with the ambition of providing quality power solutions to its customers. Though the company began more than a half century ago, it has adapted to the digital age with a seamless propensity for improving technologies. In joining with the TDK Corporation, Lambda Electronics became TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc. and has expanded its influence and accessibility around the world. The growing company understands that the innovation of reliable power supplies means reaching across boarders to attain the best materials and employ the best professionals. In so doing TDK-Lambda Americas utilizes cutting edge technology, research and design to provide the parts, products and services required in a global market.

As the market for power supplies becomes ever more specialized, Lambda has risen to meet and even exceed the needs of its clients. Though it was once product oriented the company has evolved towards customer driven marketing to supply the precise parts required in precision applications. TDK-Lambda America works with several ISO certified facilities around the world to provide the design, support and manufacturing expertise needed to provide reliable AC-DC and DC-DC power supplies, converters and systems with output ratings from 1.5 to 16,000 watts for a wide range of applications. Technology in the industrial, medical, communications and most other markets is in a constant state of flux, redesign and evolution. TDK-Lambda America and its affiliates strive to meet such a tremendous challenge through continual product innovation and customization.

Power supplies and energy sources are constantly evolving to suit an ever advancing technological field as well as to accommodate the drive towards renewable energy sources. TDK-Lambda not only recognizes the need to advance with the field, but the importance of sharing those changes with industry and trade professionals as well as the general public. Advertising in focused periodicals, websites and other social networks, the Lambda team ensures that clients do not just receive the best product, but understand what makes it so. Employees at TDK-Lambda America likewise receive continual updates and training to allow for continual adaptation and diversification of the company, the products and the progressive field of digital power supplies.

Photo courtesy of TDK-Lambda Americas, Inc.

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