Refrigerator Magnets

We all have refrigerators in our homes and use them on a daily basis. The fact that they can keep anything cold that is inside of them is greatly convenient and a necessity to most of us. But what is on the outside of the refrigerator hanging on it are items that can hold much value to people in the home as well. Many people hang pictures, art work, an A+ report card, important telephone numbers, reminders and many other items on their fridges. Anything we put on them is sure to be displayed and a constant reminder at all times as many of us spend time in the kitchen every day. To hold these papers and items up on the refrigerator we use magnets of all sorts. This allows the items to stay on the fridge without puncturing any holes in the papers and for them to stay in place and not fall easily when the doors are being opened and closed. These magnets come in all sorts of fun colors styles have memories behind them. Most of these house hold magnets are ceramic.

Ceramic magnet manufactures often coat these magnets in nickel because the ceramic magnet alone is very breakable and can easily chip. Coating it makes the magnet stronger and more durable. This type of magnet is also found in children’s toys. For example some stuffed animals have magnets in their hands and feet to make them stick together so they can hold something. These types of magnets are used because they are durable and safe to be around. They are also starting to be used on cell phone, tablet and computer cases instead of zippers for an easier and faster open and close.

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