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Auroras and Solar Flares

I probably sound like a broken record on the subject, but when it comes to current news on transformers, the first thing to pop up in a search is the impending solar flare problem. And I will admit, every time they pop up in a news article on television or my computer I have to stop what I am doing to check it out. I think it is because it is so unlike the typical worries we used to have from storms. When I first heard my boyfriend talking about it, I was sure faviconhe was making it up, but now, almost every science magazine is talking about it. Still a hazy category, with few examples to go off of, many through it up there with the Mayan 2012 prophesy, but this is a little more real than that. Whether it will be strictly auroras instead of world-wide blackouts however, that we do not know for sure yet.

While it should not be the end of the world if and when one of these storms hits, it will have consequences. The exact degree of these consequences however continues to vary from person to person. In a minor storm that hit a couple months ago all that Earth received was a spectacular aurora viewing. However, if the storms were bigger there could be failure with power grids, GPS, electric transformers and radio communications.

If one electric transformer went down, it would need to be replaced and those affected would be temporarily annoyed. But if hundreds went down, it would be more of a problem. Luckily so far, all we have scene are some of the most spectacular light shows. Most of those who have scene it agree on this. The northern lights have always been a natural wonder that can leave many breathless, so it is no wonder when many citizens get so excited when they become more frequent, although the scientists see more of a reason to panic.