Safety and Cost Savings for Space Heaters

Electric Heaters

The electric heater is one of the most common forms of heating in both residential, commercial, and industrial settings. Electric-powered heat is typically used more in warmer climates, such as areas that rarely see temperatures below 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit. The reason electric heaters are used more in warm climates is because it faviconrequires less electrical energy to heat warmer air than truly freezing air.

Even in areas that use other heating sources, electric heater space units are often used. These space heaters are ideal for supplementing low temperature areas that are insufficiently warmed through other methods. However, there are some safety and cost concerns with the use of space heaters in industrial settings.
Generally, an electric heater uses about 36,000 watts per 24 hours of use. Just one heater can cost upwards of $100 per month with an electricity cost between 8 and 12 cents per kilowatt hour. This is an extreme hike on industrial electrical bills, especially if more than one unit is used.

The other issue with using space heaters in factory settings is related to how many other electrical equipment items are using the same power source. If a circuit is used that does not have the power requirements to operate the heater, then safety risks can occur, including fires, electrical shortages, and burns. The best way to avoid safety risks is to use a power outlet that has an amp output that is at least 20 percent above the requirements of the heater. This will ensure maximum safety. Additionally, each individual heater should have its own power outlet.