Electric Heaters: An Eclectic Bunch

Electric Heaters

You would be amazed to discover how many different types of electric heaters affect your daily life or help to produce products you use on a daily basis. Within the residential context, which is where most individuals will immediately recognize the positive traits of electric heaters, there are numerous styles that are used. Air heaters are often used for furnaces, which are able to faviconheat whole homes or apartment complexes very comfortable. Ceramic heaters are usually used for portable space heaters, the heating choice for individuals with tighter budgets. These same sorts of electric heaters are also what make all commercial and industrial setting we step foot in bearable during the winter season.

Electric heaters are not only used for the temperature control of specific spaces, for the comfort of individuals. They are also used in a multitude of industrial and manufacturing processes. For example, in the metal, plastic and rubber extrusion industry, special heaters are required to keep materials in a molten state until they are processed into a variety of products. This is often done with strip heaters, which are flat and long heaters that target specific surfaces, or their brother heater, the band heater. Band heaters are able to wrap around surfaces, which means they are also helpful for piping systems that may freeze during low temperature seasons.

Other industries that utilize specific styles of electric heaters include foam fabrication, metal fabrication, food processing and packaging, all of which use cartridge heaters within large manufacturing systems for localized heating purposes. Being able to heat up one section of a machine without affecting another is partly what enables these processes to be so productive, working quickly while utilizing as little energy as possible. This means that many of the packaging we remove from food products and entertainment products are thanks to the electric heaters and the part they play in manufacturing.