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Elastic Cords

When you are planning on moving, going on an adventure up north or possibly taking your boat to the beach, you might discover your car is much smaller than you once thought it was. While it is the perfect size for getting through the day to day, even a small weekend getaway, when it comes to transporting large items or extensive amounts of belongingsfavicon, it can quickly become a tight fit. In these situations it is not rare to see people cramming everything possible into the trunk, and then, when it doesn’t close, strapping everything in with the use of bungee cords.

Bungee cords are a type of elastic cords, a type of cord that is manufactured with a multi-strand elastomeric core. This core gives the rope the ability to stretch well beyond its unstressed length. Under full strain, they are able to stretch up to 125% of their original length! How it works, is as the cord is lengthened the tension of the cord will increase. This makes the product perfect for securing products when transporting or going on an adventure. It is best for its ability to assist in shipping, especially small scale hauling situations.

While the overall set up of elastic cords may be the same, the exact configurations, such as size, outer coverings and additional fixings can range. This makes it possible to easily locate the perfect option for your intended application. The cords can come in a variety of colors. Often, coverings include nylon, polypropylene or polyester because they can protect the inner material. They can even be fixed with hooks, rings and other hardware options to make them easier to attach to products. So, for your next move, or that upcoming adventure, be sure to give elastic cords a try!