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CNC EDM Involves Fewer Mistakes

Computer technology is taking over our lives. That is a fact that few would argue against, but many do argue whether this technology is a good or bad thing. When it comes to manufacturing, it can easily be argued as a good thing. Movies such as IRobot and the Matrix show the hazards of letting computers take over too much. Yet, at the same time we see the unbelievable advantages in the medical industries. Computer technology in industry is able to minimize the risks of human injury, and accuracy is easily improved. Fewer mistakes are made, making it a goodfavicon investment for companies. One specific instance of this is in electrical discharge machining.

Computer numeric controlled electrical discharge machining, or CNC EDM, is an automated process that controls the sculpting of metals through electrical energy. In other words, it is the computer system that guides, monitors and controls the process of drilling and cutting metals to the specifications desired. By using a computer instead of manually cutting, little human interaction is required, minimizing human error. The design is uploaded into the software, it is then carried out by the machine. EDM machining in general is able to produce parts with precision, accuracy and extreme detail.

Many of the products and parts produced by these machines are intricate and complex. They also tend to be cleaner and more cost efficient. This makes them ideal for industries such as electronics, automobiles, aerospace and medical. Most often CNC EDM is used to make molds and tools for these different industries. The products can be on a large or small scale using a number of different metals. Although some may still worry technology is advancing at a rate that may be hazardous in our future, items like these are fascinating and have countless positive attributes to society.

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