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Conventional EDM Shop Capabilities

Conventional EDM, the alternative method to wire EDM can go by so many names. It is often referred to as plunge, sinker or ram EDM. No matter the name, the method of them is the same. Conventional EDM is used to create and shape metal parts by eroding parts of the surface with brass electrodes. These electrodes take the form of sparks and are faviconable to reach a heat ranging from 8 to 20 thousand degrees. Both wire and conventional EDM can create precise and detailed products, conventional EDM is able to provide additional benefits in that it can create both 2D and 3D pieces whereas wire EDM is only able to produce 2D products.

Conventional EDM shops are able to provide the difficult to form pieces that many other methods struggle with. What really sets the method apart however is the accuracy it is able to provide to each and every single part. Electric discharge machining is able to use CNC (computer numeric control) technology to completely remove the possibility of human error. Human hands, even skilled artist hands can be shaky from time to time, making a small flaw or can get tired. The pieces could look less uniform, and in important industries like the medical industry, where precise pieces are essential; this can be a real issue.

Conventional EDM shops can create the complex, precise and detailed pieces that are required in the medical, scientific, dentistry and other related industries. The capabilities that allow the method to create three dimensional pieces are a great benefit in these situations because it allows them to create screws for broken limbs, replacement knees, ect. Whether or not the industries choose to use these devices for this task depends, but the opportunity is there.

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