How to Install Duct Heaters

Duct Heaters

My cousin owns a heating and cooling company and often times in the summer and winter I would help him with jobs and projects that were too big for one man. In the process of helping him over my winter breaks, I learned quite a bit about the heating side of the HVAC industry and what components are needed in order to get the proper results desired. Initially I did not think this would be a difficult task to help him, but I soon learned of the importance and complexity of units we were working with.

One of the major necessities of heating equipment is the duct heaters electric modules. Duct heaters have two types of heating elements, one is an open coil, while the other is tubular (standard and finned). Each one of these heating elements has their own advantages. Additionally, manufacturers of electric duct heaters tend to construct their duct heaters in a rectangle or square configuration. However, rounded ones are also found because sometimes they fit sheet metal duct work better. My cousin also taught me of the major components of duct heaters, they are the heating elements and electrical terminals that are found within the boxed frame work. The duct heaters can be mounted in a variety of ways from flange, round, slip-in and bottom mounts. Lastly, the heater control panel should always be mounted in a convenient location.

After working with my cousin for one winter break I was eager to work with him in all of my following breaks. The knowledge I was able to gain was very beneficial to me personally and in application. I was thoroughly surprised and the intricacies in the installation of electric duct heaters. Without these systems we would not be able to warm our living spaces or places of work!