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DuckDuckGo: A Smarter Search Engine that Does Not Track User Information

DuckDuckGo was officially launched in 2008 as new search engine that was designed to make searches simpler and answers easier to find. Overtime this search engine began to stress the importance of completely anonymous searching. Their philosophy is a person’s internet search is a reflection of one’s personal life and this information should remain private. When you perform a search through Google it will track your search terms which then affect the future ads you will see on websites. With DuckDuckGo they do not collect any user information.

DuckDuckGo not only provides searching that is tracking-free but also allows users to get to the information they are wanting at a much faster rate compared to other search engines. This is done through their “Instant Answers” feature where they utilize their interface to try and provide an answer with zero clicks. DuckDuckGo also has a efficient feature which is known as “!bangs” which is a command users can use to go directly to websites. For example if the webpage you are trying to reach is one of the official “!bang” sites then when you type it into DuckDuckGo it will automatically take you to that site. If the targeted site has a search feature then you can use the !bang feature to automatically search the site. For example if you enter “!amazon bikes” in DuckDuckGo it will take you to an Amazon that has searched the term “bikes”.

This search engine also claims to have reduced spam on their web pages and this is evident when performing a search on their site. Their homepage has a very similar layout to Google however when you perform a search there is a very different experience. Unlike Google, DuckDuckGo is not cluttered with advertisements which results in a much cleaner looking web page. Regardless of however DuckDuckGo designs their layout, this search engine offer one very important component tracking-free searches.