For the 55 Gallon Drum that Holds it All

A number of processing plants that deal with a variety of liquids that need to be mixed, stored, heated or transported from one place to another, utilize 55 gallon drums. These impressive industrial containers are seriously heavy duty, partly because they are often made from stainless steel, which is is chemical resistant, able to handle extreme pressures without cracking andfavicon incredibly strong. Certain industries don’t use their 55 gallon drums for more than one type of liquid, although even in this circumstance they are required to thoroughly clean the vessels in between loads of liquid or substance. This is even more important for a company that deals with a variety of substances, some of which would alter others if the gallon drum they were being stored in still retained remnants of the liquid within it before. In short, a drum washer is one of the most important machines a company that utilizes drum containers can own.

Drum washers, which are unique from all other parts washers because they are designed for such a specific need, are also used to clean other hard to clean items like buckets, jars, pails and barrels. They are often designed as rotary washers, which will rotate the gallon drums while spraying it with cleaning solution to wash and water to rinse, both of which are done by way of heavy duty nozzles and high powered streams. Both the inside and outside of a drum must be cleaned in between each use, so the rotary washers are equipped with appropriately placed nozzles to take care of the exterior and interior at the same time. The drum washer itself must also be cleaned, to ensure that the liquid being sprayed on the gallon drum is itself clean of debris. Regardless of the company, when using gallon drums or stainless steel vats, a drum washer is also a necessity.