Driving and Couplings


Everyday many people ride in a vehicle, whether driving to work, school or grocery shopping. With the dependence on an automobile you must take into account all of the pieces that make this form of travel possible. Shaft couplings are a small part of an automobile that make the journey accessible for everyone. Without coupling faviconmanufacturers, shaft couplings could not be distributed rendering a vehicle useless and unable to propel it forward or backward.

Being born and raised near Detroit, Michigan my father was a mechanic for many years. Therefore, I was always around cars. As a result of working in the garage with him I found myself learning about the mechanics of the car, and the importance of each individual piece. It became apparent that the shaft couplings attached to the drive shaft on the underbody of the car were a definite necessity in making the vehicle mobile. He also made me aware that couplings are not all made the same.

As a result, coupling manufacturers take an intermixture of things into account when producing a coupling. Where is the coupling? What is the coupling being affixed to (in this case a driveshaft)? How will the coupling be attached to the shaft? Once all of this is taken into account by the coupling manufacturers, then the coupling can be produced into the correct specifications.

The coupling is a vital part to any shaft it is added to, the coupling is not only an attachment point, but also must protect fluid lines, rubber bushings or wires. If a coupling is cracked, broken or missing a part this will constitute in a need to replace the coupling. When replacing a broken coupling you must know what kind of coupling it is (flexible or solid shaft), and contact a coupling manufacturer for a proper replacement.