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The Importance of Door Name Plates

Imagine for a minute that it is your first day of middle school. Your new school is in a huge building that you have never explored before. While walking around and trying to find your homeroom, you realize that you have no idea where you are. There are no numbers, labels, or names on the doors and everything looks the exact same to you. Unfortunately, faviconall the other students are inside their correct classrooms, somehow they must know more than you. The final bell rings, and since you still have no idea where Mrs. Porter’s class is you sit down in the middle of the hall and cry out of frustration and exhaustion. Now I realize this scenario sounds like a horrible nightmare that a young preteen might have on the eve of their first day of school, but it brings to light an issue that is usually forgotten.

Door name plates are taken for granted in most of today’s society, yet they play such a key role in us finding our way throughout the day. Without door name plates, we would not be able to tell which room was the nurses office from which room is the art room. The whole building would simply look like a long line of closed plain doors, which is a little intimidating and quite frankly very frustrating.

The beauty of door name plates is that they allow you to customize how you want to title each specific room or hallway. For example, in my high school they had labeled off the different hallways into the different educational segments. There was the science hallway on the bottom right floor, the social studies section above that and on the opposite side stood the math wing and the English wing. The other subjects were scattered about accordingly.

In a business setting, name plates determine whose office is whose and it prevents confusion and unwanted interruptions throughout the day. You would certainly not want to walk into the CEO’s office when you were anticipating the bathroom. The value of door name plates is incredible, but like most other incredible things, like electricity and toilet paper, they get taken for granted.

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