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Adhesives for Door Name Plates

Different applications for name plates require different modes for presentation. Because name plates have such a wide variety of uses, the ways they are attached or presented are equally as varied. For example, desk name plates are often attached to some sort of stand during production. These may be welded together when they are faviconmetal nameplates or manipulated during the molten stage if they are plastic nameplates. Rarely does attachment need to occur after production is finished when dealing with desk name plates. However, door name plates are another matter.

Door name plates are not always attached by adhesive backing, although it is done more commonly for a couple reasons. For starters, each door is different and the type and size of nails varies depending on the thickness and material. Also, door name plates are often utilized in office settings where turnover is a reality and sometimes happens fairly often. In such cases, nails are impractical since they are more difficult to remove and re-set. Adhesives are therefore the clear answer when attaching door name plates to a surface, although what kind of adhesive depends on the name plate.

Medical buildings, schools, colleges and religious institutions are also places that use door name plates on a consistent basis. The materials used to create these name plates depend on the budget of the institution as well as the type of subtle messages they are trying to send. Aluminum nameplates are cheap and light while still embodying the nicer connotations associated with metallic name plates. These can be attached to doors by way of magnets because of their thickness and magnetic material body. Plastic nameplates, on the other hand, would require a real adhesive, be it a pressure sensitive adhesive that may be removed and re-applied or a permanent adhesive such as classic glue. Other common adhesives include Velcro and sliders, and occasionally screws or nails will be used when the name plate, such as a gold name plate for a president’s office, is considered permanent.

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