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Crafting First Impressions

One of my favorite projects in elementary school was when we got to decorate our own name plates that would sit on our desks and we would display proudly. If I remember right, it was a project that took a few days because every student took it so seriously. Over the course of a few days, we cut up magazines to search for the perfect letters, brought in our favorite pictures, used glitter and glue and spent a couple of days decorating our name plates to reflect our personalities and who we were. The greatest care was taken in choosing the color, size, style and shape of the materials used. Even as kids, faviconwe realized that our name plates said something about us to everyone else that was looking at them. It was our first impression to visitors of our classroom.

Although I’m a few years older now, the same still holds true for name plates today. They are often the first thing you see when you walk into someone’s office, and your first impression of the person you are about to meet is based on what that small piece of decoration says and how it is designed.  Although, quite unfortunately, desk name plates in an office setting are rarely adorned with magazine cutouts and favorite pictures, they still serve an important part in describing the person who is sitting at the desk. The name plate is usually where the person’s title is revealed. Just like in elementary school, name plates are perceived as a sign of respect and honor. Although it may be silly, I still have my old desk name plate that I made when I was in the third grade. Hanging proudly in my parent’s basement I view it as an extension of my personality, albeit my third grade one, and will probably treasure it for years to come.

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