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Del-Tron Precision Launches New Website with Tools for Linear Motion System Design

by Del-Tron Precision, Inc.

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Del-Tron Precision, Inc., a manufacturer of precision linear motion devices, has launched a new website that provides engineers with an unprecedented array of design tools. The new website enables users to identify products based on a wide range of criteria, calculate life and moment loads, download solid models and order products. “Our goal with the new website is to put all of the information needed at the fingertips of the design engineer to develop an optimized linear motion solution in much less time than was required in the past,” said Emil Melvin, Director of Sales and Marketing for Del-Tron Precision.

The new website covers Del-Tron’s extensive range of linear motion devices including ball and crossed-roller slides, micrometer positioning stages, crossed roller tables, ball and lead screw driven actuators, high speed belt drive actuators, crossed roller rail sets, recirculating slide guides, and air actuators.

The unique part search tool on the new web site enables engineers to quickly identify products that meet their requirements. For example, an engineer looking for a slide can select inch or metric sizes, the travel range, the load range, ball or cross-roller type, and the accuracy that best fits their application. In the case of travel and load, the engineer can select either a single value or a range of values. Each time the engineer makes a selection, the website presents a list of all products that meet his or her criteria.

At any time the engineer can click on one of these products and see detailed product specifications and engineering drawings. The engineer can click on a “life calculator” button and enter the effective load, maximum speed, maximum temperature, load type factor and required reliability and the website will calculate the rated life of the product. The engineer can also click on the “moment load calculator” and enter x, y and z-axis effective load and distance. The website will then calculate the maximum moment load at the current effective load and determine whether an overload condition exists.

The engineer can view the desired 3D model and download the model in any major computer aided design (CAD) format for use in their own design. Users can view, zoom, pan and rotate 3D models of Del-Tron products on the web simply by downloading a free viewer without requiring CAD software. Finally, the user can click on a button to add the product to their shopping cart. All Del-Tron Precision products may be ordered online with purchase order or credit card.

Del-Tron Precision is a leading manufacturer of linear bearings used in automated industrial equipment and instruments worldwide. The originator of the sub miniature ball bearing slide assembly, Del-Tron Precision began operations in 1974 supplying original equipment manufacturers with the world’s first commercially available sub miniature ball slide model D-1. Since then, thousands of Del-Tron ball slides have been incorporated into medical analyzing and testing machines, semiconductor processing equipment, computer peripherals, assembly systems, scientific instruments and many other machines.

For more information, contact Del-Tron by phone at 800-245-5013, by fax at 203-778-2721, by email at or on the web at

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