Small Business, Big Solutions: Decision Technology, LLC

Machine Vision

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Decision Technology, LLC is a systems integration company that specializes in machine vision. We are a small business located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our owner and chief engineer, Bob Rongo, has worked in the machine vision and robotics industry for over 25 years. Additionally, he holds a degree in electrical engineering from Polytechnic University of New York and has five patents. As a system integrator, we can engineer and build turn-key solutions or provide engineering services.

We serve the Midwest and North America, but we can work internationally for certain projects. We cover a range of engineering disciplines including systems, electrical, mechanical, controls, software, optics, lighting, pneumatic, robotics, and motion control. Most systems we develop need more than one camera and we have shipped several systems with 12 or more cameras. Also, we develop systems that use 3D triangulation based camera/sensor technology.Our goal is to help customers gain a competitive edge with our products. Automated machine vision systems provide improved consistency and quality in product manufacturing. Furthermore, they prevent costs associated with human error. Starting with a thorough understanding of customer requirements, our team solves complex problems with simple, cost effective solutions. Decision Technology maintains a well-stocked video equipment lab for experimentation and feasibility studies. Through up-front testing, we can generally reduce both project risk and cost. Contact us today to get started!