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New Deburring Innovations: Robots

Deburring is an important part of any part-making process. No matter whether a part is made from plastic or metal, after production, many parts have small pieces sticking out from the part where the part rested in the mold. These extra outside pieces prevent the part from being used in its current state, and the parts require additional modification before they are ready for sale. This is where a deburring machine comes into play. A deburring machine can remove the excess pieces around the part safely by gently shaking or rotating the parts in a barrel or basin against a media of some sort. This form of deburring has existed for many years.

A few years ago, industrial researchers looked into new ways or innovative designs to help the deburring process along. One of the main problems with the current system is that it can take several hours to remove the excess pieces from a batch of parts. If a manufacturing plant could cut down on this extra machining time, then they could increase production and boost profits.
A few researchers came up with the idea to use small robots to perform these kinds of tasks. The robot is slightly larger than a human arm and can attach to many different machines. The robot has a precision arm that can remove excess material from a part quickly and without difficulty. The robot can also pick and pack packages and parts off of an assembly line.

Using a robot like this one helps increase the speed of deburring because it can work faster than a large traditional deburring tank. The ability of the machine to multi-task also helps a manufacturing plant save money by letting the robot perform multiple jobs. Multi-functional tools are highly efficient and save factories thousands of dollars each year.