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Try Magnetic Deburring

Deburring Equipment

A deburring machine can take the rough, unfinished edges of a metal piece and smooth them away to create a finished product that can perform its intended function. When machining metal parts, many machines leave unwanted burrs and slivers of metal on the outside edges of the part. Deburring the parts removes the unwanted pieces and exposes the final piece.

There are many different types of deburring machines, but one of the most effective machines is the magnetic powered deburring machine. This machine uses magnetic forces to spin a large container filled with a deburring media to remove unwanted pieces and edges from newly-manufactured parts. These machines can also use magnetic media that is easy to separate from the parts once the deuburring process is finished.

This type of machine is best suited for smaller manufactured parts, like screws, metal clips, small washers, sockets, gears, fittings, and smaller tools.

The process of using a magnetic machine is simple. All you have to do is place the deburring media, parts, and a deburring solution into the spinner tank. Under the tank, the magnets activate the media and cause the parts and media to bounce together, which removes the unwanted pieces from the parts. This process is gentle enough, however, to prevent the breakage of delicate parts and pieces that you want to remain on each part. Most magnetic systems use a pin-style media, which is able to remove burrs from the inside of hollow parts as well as the outside.

Factories that still use hand deburring will be amazed at the difference in speed and quality between hand deburring and machine deburring. A machine can remove the burrs from hundreds of parts in the time that it takes to remove the burrs from just one part by hand.