The Basics of Contract Sewing Supplies

Contract sewing is a huge industry that is bigger than many people realize. Nearly any company that makes any kind of textile product, whether it is car seats or actual clothing, must use a sewing contractor to complete the task. While many large companies have their own in-house sewers and supplies, many smaller companies must outsource the sewing to specialized contract sewing companies.

Finding a contractor these days is harder than ever, because many people in the modern world simply lack the sewing skills necessary to sew professionally. Contracting companies that do exist are usually highly specialized, sticking to one particular type of sewing, such as furniture sewing or handbag sewing.

The combination of increased demand for contract sewers due to smaller start-up businesses appearing every day and the lack of sewing ability overall has created a unique space for additional contract sewers in the United States. If you have fast sewing skills and the right equipment, you can easily create your own contract sewing business.

Before you can begin any sewing business, there are a few basic supplies that contract sewing companies need to complete day-to-day activities:

Industrial sewing machines: The first supply that any sewing business needs is an industrial sewing machine. Industrial sewing machines are designed to handle constant use and are much sturdier than home sewing machines. Industrial machines are also much bigger and are usually designed for specific tasks, such as sewing through leather, upholstery, or knit fabrics.

Specialized tools: In addition to basic cutting and product assembly tools, a sewing contractor may also need specialized tools to complete an order. These tools include items like embroidery machines or quilting machines that are required for certain sewing techniques.

Fabric and supplies: Every contract sewer needs the supplies to complete the work. Some companies provide the supplies, while others allow the contract sewer to locate the supplies on their own.