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Benefits of Contract Packaging

Scientific and economic progress can be attributed to specialization. Societies progress when people focus on a task they excel in and trade their goods or services with one another. A modern example of this is contract packaging or fulfillment service. Why would a company pay to outsource all its packaging? Wouldn’t it be easier to do all packaging and shipping in-house, creating less steps toward a finished product? Well some companies don’t have the facilities or manpower to pull this off. It is much more efficient to get a company that specializes in packaging and storage than to train ones’ own employees to do it. A contract packaging service may have more machines and larger warehouses to suit the needs of multiple smaller companies at once.

The one thing I don’t understand about the process is what products are packaged in on the way to the contract packaging facilities. There has to be some sort of make-shift packaging to protect goods during their journey to the packaging facility. Do contract packaging companies provide pickup for the goods along with protective shipping devices or do most companies have a small packaging machine implicated for the job? Either way, it seems like a good idea for smaller business or even larger ones to use contract packaging services. There might not be enough room in company’s facilities for numerous packaging machines. Some fulfillment services even have their own graphics department for box art.

Packaging your own products could have its advantages though. When I worked in London for a summer, the campaign office I worked at had its own printing and enveloping machines. This allowed us to mass print and send letters, pamphlets and newsletters to the general public without the hassle of outsourcing that work. It’s probably a different story with packaging services though. I assume packaging machines take up a lot more space than an industrial printer and enveloping machine that fits on a table.