Cone Bottom Tank Applications

It is not until you become involved with the world of plastic tanks that you discover just how many tank types, sizes, and options are available. There are literally thousands of variations in each type of tank. Specific tank dimensions, sizes, and shapes are necessary for different industrial, agricultural, and commercial uses. Without knowledge of how the tank will be used, it is impossible to know what kind of tank to choose for your needs.

One specific kind of tank, cone bottom tanks, are plastic tanks that have a cones-shaped bottom. These tanks are generally used for bulk liquid or granular storage in stationary locations. The tanks can hold potable water, food, liquid chemicals, fertilizer, grain, lubricants, powdered materials, rock powder, paint powder, and a variety of other items that require bulk storage.

The cone shape on the bottom of the tank makes it easy to empty the tank into other machines or containers for future use or development into other products and tools. Cone bottom tanks can be used as measuring devices for the manufacturing and mixing of other products, such as to measure the correct amount of liquid or grain to add to a food product, such as frozen biscuits. The tanks can also measure the correct amount of chemical additives or other materials necessary for a variety of manufacturing processes.

The cone shape also provides the additional advantage of ease of filling and completely emptying when necessary. This also makes the tanks much easier to clean. The plastic sides help resist bacterial growth, and also reduce the tank’s weight.