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Protecting Class 1 Areas with NEMA Enclosures

Many factories complete delicate manufacturing processes in harsh environments. Many manufacturing companies use computer-controlled equipment to manufacturer products and materials in chemically-charged environments and caustic environments. Under normal circumstances, any electronic equipment used in these environments would quickly corrode the electronic devices, rendering them useless. Replacing corroded machinery and electronic equipment every time the equipment corroded would be a hugefavicon expense for most factories. That is why most companies use a NEMA 7 enclosure in caustic environments to keep electronics items safe.

NEMA 7 enclosures are designed to protect electronics in a class 1 environment. A class 1 environment is an environment that has flammable gases and vapors in the air. A special electronics enclosure is necessary in these environments to prevent the particles in the air from exploding due to a spark created in the electronics equipment. The NEMA 7 enclosure blocks any electronic sparks from leaving the enclosure and also prevents the gas and vapors from getting inside the electronic box. Without the protection of the box, the gasses in the air could cause serious safety risks for the electronics equipment, other machinery in the area, and any human workers in the space. The NEMA 7 box helps increase the safety of the area by protecting electronic equipment from causing explosions or from excessive corrosion due to the concentration of chemicals, gasses, and vapors in the air.

Most factories that use NEMA 7 boxes complete highly dangerous chemical processes in industries such as synthetic rubber production, chemical processing, water treatment, metal fabrication, oil and gas production, and other dangerous industries. Protecting electronic equipment from dangerous explosive gasses is one way that factories stay safe in daily operations.