How a Compactor Can Benefit Your Business

In mass production industries efficiency is a key factor in running a smooth and profitable organization. One way that efficiency can be greatly improved is by the introduction of a commercial compactor. In addition to increasing labor efficiency, introducing compactors to your workplace comes with other appealing benefits such as quick investment returns, increased productivity, improved security, better sanitation, heightened employee morale, enhanced image and better overall customer experience.

Improvement in efficiency can be seen as distracting and time-consuming employee trips to the dumpster are greatly decreased when trash is compacted. This means more time will be spent on more important production related responsibilities. The average compactor can pack about 10 cubic yards of trash into one cubic yard, which means your dumpster will be able to accommodate about ten times the amount of trash as usual. This eliminates dumpster overflow and drastically reduces the amount of dumpster pick ups that are needed. As compacted trash is containerized, rodents and vermin around dumpsters and within the establishment will be greatly reduced. As the trash is compacted and contained, it looks less like trash and employees as well as customers can enjoy a much more sanitary and clean-looking setting.

Not only do compactors benefit your business, but there is a positive global impact as well. More manageable waste means improved landfill utilization and longer life spans. When waste is compacted and handled efficiently at the source, everyone along the chain of waste management will benefit. If your company is still operating without all of the benefits of a compactor, it’s time to evolve. Save up to 75% on labor, 30% on trash liners and 50% on waste hauling. The advantages are obvious and you will begin to see them as soon as your compactor is installed. Don’t delay, contact a compactor manufacturer today.