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Sustainable Development

I realize that this blog tends to sound more like a recycling blog than an industrial baler blog, but I really cannot help it. The fact is, recycling is on the minds of many today. Sustainability and finding a way to reuse and make the most of Earth’s resources is vital to the survival of the planet. Tuning into the news right now, you might hear about the Rio+20, the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development. The event focuses on many issues such as jobs, energy, cities, food, water, oceans and disasters. Nearly all of these can be linked to finding sustainable and “green” options for improvement. The oceans and water systems are easily polluted and green jobs could really boost economies. It is a topic all around us, finding a way to make the planet sustainable, and starting to really take care of the Earth. And in many ways, balers are the first step.

The main reason for this is that they can be used to compress papers, cardboards and plastics. Large versions of these at recycling plants and even grocery stores for returned pop cans can help make a nice solid bale of the material. Having the products baled makes the later recycling processes that the materials must undergo quicker, easier and by using less energy. Other models can be used to bale harvested crops for transportation or feeding. This capability would allow the products to help in the food crisis issues being addressed at Rio+20. IN addition, they can be used for garbage so that less loose garbage is transported. An industrial baler would mean less trips to the dump, less space taken up once it is there and less to get accidentally misplaced on the way. Sustainability is the key to planet survival, and it this is something that is not only up to leaders at the conference, but everyone, each and every day.