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Compact Air Cylinders

There are a multitude of industrial applications for air cylinders. These pieces of equipment are, very simply, cylinders with compressed air inside them. In addition to the air in the cylinder, there is also a piston. Because the air is compressed, it pushes against the piston and the force of the air moves the piston back and forth. These air cylinders are ideal for situations where any kind of liquid leakage is unacceptable. Because the air is in a compressed gas form, there is no chance of leaking. Additionally, these cylinders can be engineered in special ways to adjust to the needs of the buyer. Air cylinders range in length, stroke speed, and barrel size.

One of the popular variations of the air cylinder are the compact cylinders. Compact air cylinders are perfect for use in spaces where, of course, size is an issue. Machines that need to employ air cylinders but have small parts or are rather compact themselves will make excellent use of compact cylinders. These diminutive pieces of equipment are available for purchase with convenient features such as permanent lubrication. This is definitely a virtue for small parts since it is not always easy to grease very small parts lodged in small machines. Compact cylinders are also relatively easy to install; another benefit when you’re dealing with small machines and cramped spaces.

Compact cylinders casings come most commonly in aluminum, as the light weight and durability of the metal lends itself nicely to the buyer’s need to have a part that will take little maintenance and last a long time once it is installed. With the sizable selection of air cylinders on the market, coming in single-acting and double-acting styles in addition to the array I mentioned above, you are sure to find a cylinder, compact or otherwise, to fit your needs.