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Running Automation Machines on a Budget

Regardless of how much money your company has to work with for the production of your automotive parts, medical instruments, construction mechanisms andfavicon other related industrial manufacturing, saving money is always a priority. There are certain industrial items that are able to make a significant difference for companies on a budget, particularly those utilizing automation to manufacture their products. A small version of air cylinders known as the compact cylinder, which is most efficient when it is designed as a rodless cylinder, is one such part. Because it is usually nearly 60% smaller then its larger counterpart, the compact cylinder is able to be incorporated into any system easily and quickly while working just as hard to make the machine run smoothly and efficiently.

Ease of installation and efficiency are not the only reasons compact cylinders are able to save the companies that utilize them money. A compact cylinder can make a machine that once required human hands to work properly completely automated, without taking up more space in the factory. This means labor costs go down. Also, because a compact cylinder is a style of air cylinder, it is incredibly environmentally friendly and does not run up crazy energy costs.

The basics of compact cylinder operation involves the movement of a piston, which is somehow connected to the part of a machine that needs to be moved by way of pressurized air. If a compact cylinder is designed as a single or double acting cylinder, this motion is achieved with a rod, which requires room to extend and retract. That is why compact cylinders are often rodless, utilizing the pressurized air alone to get the motion completed. Although these descriptions are just scratching the surface of how compact cylinders are able to benefit companies installing automated machinery, the simplicity suits since the compact cylinder is a fairly simple part and process.