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Established in 1976, Compac Development Corporation is now a part of Air Industries Group. We specialize in fabricating reliable RFI/EMI shielded enclosure. We offer over versatile 500 standard sizes off the shelf. We can customize and modify our standard products to your specifications. Our EMI shield enclosures are available in a variety performances, including blank series, RFT Series, and SRF Series shielding as well as accessories manufactured to compliment the design of the EMI shield. With Compac, you are sure to find just what you need.

From the Blank Series Shielding, “not so RF-tight”, with shielding capabilities up to 100db at 100 MHz to our RFT Series, “The middle of the road”, with independent access from either side and shielding capabilities to 6-dB at 3GHz to the most RF-tight standard enclosure on the market, our SRF Series shielding at or above 80dB, enclosure tested to 20 GHz. The SRF Series provides atmospheric seals, gas tight seals attainable with higher clamping forces, and independent access from either side. The standard finish on all our parts is Chemical Film per Mil-C-5541 Class 3. Compac offers a variety of other finishes including plated or paint and powder coating.We produce a wide variety of accessories including, gaskets, coaxial attenuators, coaxial terminations, filter feed-thrus, connectors, mounting bars, and more. We have the ability to modify our standard products to your requirements. Connector patterns, tapped holes for feed- thru’s, milling for D-Sub connectors, punching for bulkhead mounted connectors are just a few of the modifications we offer. We can offer our customers a complete “Build to Print” capability, for both your machining and sheet-metal needs. Just send us your print for a quote. At Compac we strive to maintain fast, accurate, dependable deliveries to meet the most demanding delivery schedules.