6 Categories of Commercial Sewing

The world of commercial sewing is large and encompasses many different fields. Some sewing companies only sew one type of item, while others sew multiple types. Most people are aware of sewing factories in China, South America, and Thailand, but there are actually quite a few sewing companies right in the United States as well. Your local commercial sewing company may specialize in one of the following areas:

Beading: Some commercial sewers focus on adding beads to cloth designs and other fabrics. Special beading machines make the sewing go faster. Smaller contractors may hand-sew beads or sew beads on non-specialized machines.
Clothing: A large portion of commercial sewers specialize in clothing. Many larger companies have assembly lines for clothing that automatically sew seams, turn garments right side out, and add buttons. Operators on these machines simply have to help the machines do their work to make the process smoother.
Industrial sewing: Industrial sewing sews items for industrial use, such as transportation, construction, the military, or the automotive industry. Each factory specializes in a different type of sewing, and many work exclusively with just a few industrial clients.
Home furnishings: Home furnishings require sturdy threads, durable fabrics, and unusual shapes. Certain sewing machines work better at sewing home furnishings than others. Many commercial sewers specialize in sewing for furnishings only, including furniture, pillows, drapes, and bedding.
Bag/shoe sewing: A lot of sewing goes into the production of many shoes, bags, and luggage pieces. Some commercial sewers specialize in this type of sewing, offering the tools and machines necessary to sew high-quality, low-cost products for clients. Some sewing companies work exclusively with one or two clients, while others do piece work for a variety of companies.
Miscellaneous sewing: Smaller industrial contractors will take on small, miscellaneous sewing projects for industrial use. These tasks can cover anything from creating work uniforms to sewing banners and signs for company PR.