Improving the Garment District

Commercial Sewing

The garment district in New York has been home to many commercial sewing companies and designers for hundreds of years. However, the district has seen a decline in recent years. The district has long been known for the housing of sewing contractors and other manufacturing-style businesses. This has brought the image of the district down. Many landlords and building owners in the district are trying to revive the area. Efforts include rebranding the district to make it seem cool and hip, bringing in new expensive retailers and clients, and improving the current buildings to make them more modern and up-to-date.

Recent efforts in rebranding the district have brought a variety of new business to the area, including coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, and a few technology companies. However, the idea that the district is simply full of commercial sewing companies is causing many new businesses and clients to steer clear of the area. Only by changing the image of the area will the district be able to change its image and attract a new type of business and community. This can be done by improving the “cool” factor of the existing companies in the area, even through something as simple as giving sewing companies a design makeover or switching out inexpensive sewers for more upscale designers and customized sewing companies.

One of the problems with the area is that half of the district is zoned for production, but only about a quarter of that space is actually being used by production companies. This is causing many abandoned buildings and eyesores that brings the value of the area down. The city can improve the area by increasing the number of production companies in the district, or by rezoning some of the space to make room for the businesses that actually want to be in the area.