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IQS Newsroom Featured Profile: Commercial Metal Exchange

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“We are Experts at Metals”. Commercial Metal Exchange is determined to help companies avoid the frustration of inexperience with copper and related metal orders. Each sales employee has over twenty-five years of experience in the metal industry, which provides them with the extensive knowledge necessary in dealing with all metals, including alloys, forms, tempers and other specifications. Devotion to locating affordable materials and products, as well as providing an unbelievably fast delivery system are high priorities at Commercial Metal Exchange. Commitment like this to every aspect of the business is why they are considered experts in the metal industry.

When it comes to copper, Commercial Metal Exchange has every grade, temper and size imaginable; including the types that can be difficult to find. The company has been distributing copper for the past 25 years. This non-sparking, durable and non-magnetic material is valuable and versatile. Copper is easy to shape, while being sturdy enough to hold its solid form. As for copper forms, they supply rods, bars, plates, sheets, coils, strips and tubes. These forms come in an immense variety of sizes and thicknesses, for easy manipulation and fabrication into the product or part required.

The team at Commercial Metal Exchange maintains proficiency because they abide by four main principles. They aim to distribute the highest quality products, strive to always provide superior customer service, promote an inclusive workplace and help in the community. Commercial Metal Exchange continues to develop and innovate to make sure all new metal fields and methods have been taken into account. The company is able to assist numerous industries including art sculpture, automotive, construction, engineers, government, military, hobbyists, machine shops, marine and roofing contractors. By continuing to make their current principles the priority, Commercial Metal Exchange is a company customers can depend on.

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