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Erecting a Sushi Restaurant With Cold Formed Steel

There is a lot of construction going on near my place of residence. However, there is one construction project I’m particularly interested in. A new sushi restaurant is sprouting up right next to a brewery near my house which brews good, if not a little overpriced beers and root beers. My roommates and I are hoping for a sushi restaurant with a conveyor belt butfavicon our wallets think otherwise. If we do get blessed with a conveyor sushi restaurant, than one of my roommate will make it his quest to leave with a stack of plates 3 feet high.

I’ve only gone to a conveyor sushi restaurant twice in my life. The first time was in Taiwan while visiting my brother. At that restaurant different color plates represent different prices, and beer was served in dixie cups. When we were finished, the waitress would count your plates and give you your bill. My second time was in London and was organized much in the same way. Putting sushi on a conveyor belt to circle around customers while their eating has to be the most ingenious way of marketing your food. It’s extremely tempting to try another dish if it’s rolling past you all the time. It makes my mouth water just thinking about it. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait a while for it to come in because the building is merely a steel frame.

Cold formed steel framing (CFSF) is a light-frame made entirely of sheet steel. Common applications include floors, roofs and walls as well as structural and decorative assemblies. In North America, different types and formations of sheet steel has been divided into five main categories. Lipped channels are called S members and unlipped channels are T members. Members that are unlipped channels and have smaller depth than tracks are classified as U members. L members are members with angles and F members are “furring” or “hat” channels. Cold-formed steel is supposedly stronger because it is formed and not cut. It’s comforting to know that a building I may potentially be spending a lot of time in will be structurally sound.

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