Coil Heaters: The Star of the Show

Coil Heaters

Every production, whether it is a TV show, a movie or a play, has a star character around which the story circulates and builds to become something spectacular. The character may not always seem like a star, but they are vital to the production none the less. Such a star must be a part of the beginning, middle and faviconend, so that the whole performance holds together. This same idea can be applied to certain industrial processes or products, such as coil heaters. Coil heaters, or the heating coils that give them their name, are the star of the electric heater production, always present in some fashion since they are the key part of the machine.

Being the star of the show also means that coil heaters show up in all sorts of electric heater contexts. For example, in the residential realm central heating systems, space heaters, toasters, curling irons, hair dryers, clothes dryers and a vast amount of other products all utilize heating coils as the center of their functionality. These and related items are sold on the shelves or used as temperature controls in commercial settings, some like hair salons utilizing them more then others. Industrial settings require coil heaters for a comfortable temperate environment as well as a plethora of manufacturing techniques. Heating coils are incorporated into larger manufacturing machines such as shrink wrapping, metal fabrication and plastic extrusion, targeting certain areas of the system with heat while allowing others to remain the same temperature. They are also known as cartridge heaters.

These electric heaters are often made of aluminum, brass or copper and covered in an insulating material such as ceramic or fiberglass to protect against fire and also project the heat out from the space where it is contained. The shape of the coil may be customized depending on the kind of application it will be working within.