The Many Benefits for Switching to Electric Industrial Heating Systems

Coil Heaters

An electric heater uses electrical energy to heat an area. Electric heaters can have several different heating methods, including radiant heat and air-warming heat. Depending on the type of work done in your factory and the local climate, different methods offavicon electric heating may provide more benefits than others. No matter what kind of electric heaters you choose to use, however, there are a surprisingly large number of benefits that switching to electric heating can provide for industrial factories and buildings.

Increased efficiency: Electric heating systems are actually more efficient than fossil fuel heaters. Electric heating systems can achieve an efficiency rating of nearly 100 percent, while fossil fuels maximize at about 80 percent. This means that your units will be about 20 percent more effective and efficient if you switch to electric heat.

Lower emissions: Electric heating systems do not place as many emissions into the air as fossil fuels. Many other fuel types, like coal or gas, place unwanted gasses and even physical particles in the air. Electric heating equipment also does not product water vapor like some water-based heating equipment, which means that there is no additional ventilation or dehumidification that is necessary in your factory.

Precision controls: It is possible to control the heat output of an electric heater much more precisely than any fossil-based heating system. This is ideal for factories where temperature control is a necessary part of accurate production results.

Space-saving: Electric heating systems often take up less space than fossil heating systems. This is due to the lack of exhaust pipes, boilers or containers for fuel consumption, and fuel lines. Electric heaters are also often less expensive to maintain.

Tariff benefits: Some states and counties offer benefits for using more power during low-usage hours, such as reduced rates for using electricity at night. This can provide additional cost or tax benefits to 24 hour factories.